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Cardio Core Prices

Sessions are varied and fun and are based on the individuals' requirements. We provide a comprehensive Health Assessment to find out exactly what training will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Class Type                                                      Price and Notes

Non membership classes                                £4.00 per session

Kangoo with boot hire                                      £5.00 per session

Monthly membership                                        £30


corporate membership                                     £28


Flabelos                                                           £1 members (10 mins)

                                                                         £1.50 non members (10 mins)


Body Fat Analysis                                          1 free one per month to members only £1 each for any extras


Personal Training                                           £30 per session

                                                                       £250 for 10 sessions

                                                                       £400  for 20 session plus 1 month of

                                                                        free classes.