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Cardio Core Classes

Group Training is the affordable personal trainer, all fitness abilities get the best out of our carefully designed sessions. They are an intensive fitness regime which involves running, speed interval training, hill training and circuits style exercises with or without equipment.  With a range of fat burning exercises you are guaranteed to lose fat, gain muscle and feel healthier, fitter and happier than ever. Individual home programmes are available in our gold package along with extensive Body Fat Analysis tests and a meal planner. It is a great way to get in shape in a short period of time.



Cardio core has 50 classes each week with times to suit each individual!

KETTLERCISE - Combines cardiovascular training and strength training into a high powered workout. Kettle Fit works on reducing body fat, increasing strength, helps with flexibilty as well as cardiovascular exercise.

FIGHT FIT - Low impact, high energy workout that incorporates solid pad work, weight training and conditioning and circuit training with an emphasis on boxing.

SPIN: Taken in the dark surrounded by disco lights this high intensity indoor cycling class will push you to your fitness limits. Using a mixture of speeds, movements and resistance you will burn hundreds of calories, a great class for fat loss and fitness gains.

MUSCLE MAX:  A full body muscular endurance and strength class using weights and bars. This stregnth and condtioning class will tone and shape every muscle of the body.

CORE - Concentrates on your mid section and involves all your muscles in that area including front, back and sides. Core training focuses on specific exercises to develope and stregthen your muscles.

METAFIT -  High intensity interval training (H.I.T) lasting a maximum of 30 minutes. It uses body weight exercises targeting the largest muscle grouos in the body for greater effects using absolutely no equipment.If you want to get results for your body this is the class for you.

BOOTCAMP - A challenging exercise class that mixes calisthenics, body weight training and strength training. Classes are designed to build strength and fitness through a variet of intense intervals over a 45 mmin - 1 hour period. A great overall workout that welcomes all fitness levels.

KANGOO - An intense cardiovascular workout that burns the most calories in the least amount of time. It is a safe low impact rebound exercise that has many health benefits at any age.

INSANITY - Burning 1000 calories in just 45 minutes insanity is a cardio based, body conditioning programme and is based on max interval training, containing lengthier periods of high intensity training with shorter cool down periods.

ABS AND ARSE - This class will force you to push your body to achieve your goal. Enhanced with core moves that work the entire abdominal area along with biceps and triceps. Topped off with some body weight and resistant band gluteal training so you can really feel that burn.

LBT - Legs, bums and tums is a class designed to target those stubborn areas. LBT strengthens, tones and burns fat from your tummy, hips thighs and bottom. This class is great for anyone looking to lose weight or target those problem areas.

URBAN REBOUNDING - Fun and fitness at the same time. Performed entirely on a unique high quality mini trampoline it is 68% more effective than jogging. Rebounding is a challenging cardio workout without excess strain on your joints. Suitable for all ages and abilities.  One of our most popular classes it comes with an exessive amount of health benefits and burns 1000's of calories in less time than any other class.

We also have a hydraulic gym situated upstairs. You will need an induction before using the gym. This is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Health Assessments

Health assessments include a body fat analysis which calculates body fat percentages, water percentages, muscle mass, visceral fat (which is a possible indicator of type 2 diabetes and heart disease) metabolic age and bone mass.

We use bio-electrical impedance, which sends a safe signal around the body to calculate the above results. As the signal travels around the body it passes easily through muscle but not through fat. Flexibility will be measured using a sit and reach box and waist to hip measurements will be taken as they can be an indicator to risk of coronary heart disease. Blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic) will be measured as well, as nearly 1 in 4 people in the UK has high blood pressure which could easily be alleviated by regular exercise.

Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis measures your height, weight, water in the body, lean muscle, visceral fat (the amount of fat around your internal organs) to give you the percentage of body fat you are carrying. This is a great as it breaks down your body weight and gives you a much more accurate picture of how your body is carrying weight. These are £10.